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Arcoíris. Arco, in Italian music lingo means bow. Iris, the eye, the window to the soul through which we see each other. Arcoíris, in Spanish, the language of my heart, means Rainbow ~ the spectrum in which we view light.


Bound for the wild with cellos in hand we set out for adventure. Countless nights playing under the stars, each day bringing new and unexpected surprises, spacious loving awareness, deep mutual activation, infinite inspiration... we are kindred spirits at heart and at play. Soaking in the energy of Colorado's wild and sacred land, some of the most sublime natural hot springs, deep forests and powerful vortex places, sun drenched pine and miles of rivers.


We are cosmic playmates in every sense of the word. Spaciously and graciously loving, embracing, supporting, creating and collaborating, sharing our light, our love and creative energy with each other and the world. We are so grateful to share and we sincerely hope you enjoy the music of Arcoíris.

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