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A Gift Economy

Greetings music lovers! Because of the corruption and exploitation of this industry in recent years I am choosing to operate in the ‘Gift Economy’ as described by Charles Eisenstein. Perhaps other services and industries will eventually follow suite as corporations make it more and more difficult to offer unique and original products and services... And so I am offering my music as a gift to all as I wish to live as my heart calls me to do. Music has not only been my career having taken nearly 3 decades to develop my craft, it has also been my anchor, especially when I felt bereft of others and was lost in a sea of pain. It has also been my greatest joy - creating it, sharing it, having others tell me it was just what they needed at some special or difficult moment. It really is priceless, as one person might feel no value and another the only thing that keeps them connected to themselves and life. So I ask if you want my music please give what reflects your feeling of gratitude and value. If you buy music online, a track is usually .99c or in the old days an album was $15. These are simply guidelines as I really want you to choose what feels right to you, and if you cannot offer any $, it's yours. If however, you feel like supporting me as an artist and can offer more than the usual, feel free!

Below you will find 2 options for supporting my work. A one time donation or long term Patreon supporter. If you enjoy or benefit from my work it would help me out immensely. 

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